So weeks type challenge stripped it back to one single word. This was a really fun week for me, I enjoyed just having one word as it allowed me to play a lot more with the design. I experimented around with some more conceptual thinking and even managed to animate a couple. This is another theme I'll be revisiting in my #365daysoftype instagram challenge.

Here's a look at the words from the week, I think 'LOOK' might be my favourite!

#365daysoftype hand lettering Relax

#365daysoftype hand lettering Delete

#365daysoftype hand lettering Delete pink

#365daysoftype hand lettering Look

#365daysoftype hand lettering OK

#365daysoftype hand lettering LOVE

#365daysoftype hand lettering Lets Dance

#365daysoftype hand lettering Have courage

Thank you for reading, with love, type and joy Judy xxx