• #365daysoftype - Week 4 theme 'One Word'

    So weeks type challenge stripped it back to one single word. This was a really fun week for me, I enjoyed just having one word as it allowed me to play a lot more with the design. I experimented around with some more conceptual thinking and even managed to animate a couple. This is another theme I'll be revisiting in my #365daysoftype challenge.
  • #365daysoftype - Week 3 theme 'Wisdom'

    It's my aim in life to uplift, motivate and inspire others, so when I'm creating my typography it's very important what it says. Messages can be very powerful and creating content is the part of the process where I really think about what I want to communicate and emotions it may evoke. I liked the idea for this week of typography to strip it all down and just create some really simple handwritten type and let the message do the talking. The theme for this week was wisdom, taking learnings from some of the greats, like the Dalai Lama.
  • #365daysoftype - Week 2 theme 'Typographic grids'

    So for week two of my instagram challenge #365daysoftype I decided to explore typographic grids, playing around with different typefaces and patterns.
  • #365daysoftype - Week 1 theme 'Yellow'

    So I've decided after enjoying #the100dayproject so much I've now taken on a new challenge #365daysoftype. I'm going to share with you sketches, doodles, and some finished type design work. I'll also be sharing other typographers and designers who I'd admire and inspire me. There will be a weekly theme and I'll document my journey each week on my blog too. I plan to experiment and explore new ideas and techniques. My aim is to inspire and motivate others.
  • Let's play with Walala

    I'll keep this post short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking. I'm a big fan of Camille Walala and was excited to see her first piece of street art in Shorditch on the @blogtacular photowalk earlier in the year. Her Play exhibition at the Now gallery didn't disappoint! I took my mum who loves anything arty and my little boy who loves to play! Here are a few of my favourite pics!
  • My 100 day project

    I decided to take part in The 100 day project by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thompson. The idea was to release my creativity, get me to experiment more and try and draw every day. My chosen theme was 100 days of typographic doodles.

    I'm really glad I did the challenge and loved taking part, it helped me come up with new ways of thinking and new ideas which I'm in the process of turning into prints. I plan to keep doing my typographic doodles (maybe not one every day!) and will really try and push myself to do more experimentation, watch this space!
  • BLOGTACULAR 2017 - Finding my tribe

    I've wanted to go to Blogtacular for the last couple of years, being an avid follower on instagram and twitter. So when I saw they had a competition to deign their goody bag for the 2017 event, I thought I really must enter. I was over the moon when I won with my bag design 'My tribe LOVE my vibe' using my handcrafted lettering. When I finally attended my first Blogtacular it went beyond my expectations!
  • March meet the maker - Part 1

    I'm very excited to be taking part in Joanne Hawker's #marchmeetthemaker for the second year. It's a great opportunity for me to share with you a bit about me and how I work. Here's part 1, Enjoy.
  • Sketching LOVE

    Everything I design or make always starts with a sketch so I thought I'd share with you my love of sketching and few of my drawings from my sketchbook.
  • The bold, the bright and the quirky

    Wow I can't believe it's February already, I hope you've had a good year so far. I've decided to start blogging, so I thought I'd start with a bit about me.

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